EDSW version 1.031
Software Package for signals editing and processing

Powerful Package for Speech/Acoustic Signal Processing Using Windows (95/98/NT/2000) PC.
Sampling/Editing, Spectral Analysis, Pitch Extraction, Interactive Measurement, Digital Filtering, Waveform Synthesis
General view of programm  Sampling/Data Acquisition. 16 bit input, via any Windows-compliant audio card
(e.g., Creative Labs/SoundBlaster). Sampling rate supported to limits of hardware used.
  Playback. 16 bit output via above hardware is supported throughout EDSW
(editing, spectrogram, pitch windows all support interactive playback of any signal,
or any desired segment thereof, under mouse control)
Equalizer conversation   File Formats. EDSW works with .raw, .wav files 
  Easy Signal Editing. Support waveform display, signal windowing, zooming and
scrolling, signal labeling (phonetic transcription), playback and accurate measurement
of duration of signal or any segment, signal segmentation (cutting) and archiving of edited signal.
   Special Function. Linear operation ( filtration, integration, differentiation, scaling, weighing, decimation,
interpolation). Non-linear operation ( median filtration, processing with non-linear polynomial, threshold device, quantizer, spectrum inversion)
Signal correlogramm window    Spectral Analysis. Two spectral analysis methods are provided: Short-time FFT, LPC autocorrelation. Full control of key analysis parameters - Window type (Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Kaiser, Triangular, Rectangle); Window size (32 to 8192); Overlap (0 to 99%); Pre-emphasis (on/off); FFT size (32 to 8142 points); permitting the easy calculation of long-term average spectrum. 
Signal generator conversation    3D Color Spectrogram Displays. Results of spectral analyses are displayed as interactive 3D color spectrograms, with time (horizontal axis), by frequency (vertical axis) by amplitude (coded by gray level). Spectrogram display screen includes synchronized displays of spectrogram, oscillogram and spectral slice (amplitude by frequency) at location of mouse cursor. Each display window can be switched to full-screen display. 
   Flexible Digital Filter Design Package. Design and apply a full range of IIR/FIR digital filters to signals
(low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, and arbitrary)
   Pitch Extraction. Extracts the pitch of voiced speech using one of the two available methods: on the base of correlation function and manual method. 
   Signal Synthesizer. Generates five waveform types:
1) multi -sine; 2) swep sine; 3) squarewave; 4) triangle wave; 5) noise.
   Speech Enhancement. Self-adjusts to background noise. Continuous and adaptive removal of background noise from speech. 
   Statistical Analysis. Correlation, autocorrelation, histogramm. 
   Minimum Computer System Requirements: IBM compatible PC (Pentium or equivalent processor with
16 Mb RAM and at least 16 Mb disk space), Windows 98, 95, NT, 2000, SVGA monitor, Microsoft Windows compatible mouse, and suitable audio hardware.