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Digital multichannel speech registrators DR-8/DR-16

ScreenshotDigital multichannel speech registrators DR-8/DR-16 are based on industrial IBM PC and multipurpose DSP-moduls. Speech registrators are used for continuous control recording of talks by 8/16 input channels at the same time during some months. Active listening any fragment of recording from operator's console.

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Technical characteristics

  • Recording of speech phonograms by 8/16 channels with simultaneous registration of the date and time

  • Three recording rate: 3.8/2.9/2.4 MB/hour one channel in the mode time-contineous recording without VAD

  • Max guaranteed continuous recording's content: 45 days, 16 channels by recording rate 3.8 MB/hour one channel without using VAD

  • Factoring time markers in phonogramms

  • Implementation one channel of replay across continuous simultaneous recording by all channels

  • Replay recording any of saving fragments with finding by recording's time and date, by time marcers, by speech activity (in mode VAD)

  • The mode listening one line across recording

  • Wrire lock

  • Information porting on other information carriers

  • Protection of illegal access

  • Soft system tape-recorder's tuning every channel

  • Controlling tape-recorder and listening recording from remote PC by local network

  • Complex works under OS Free BSD

  • Speech compression signals is realized DSP-modul. DSP is based on 8 TMS320c548

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