Research activity

DSP center provide scientific researches and practical R&D works in the following areas of digital signal processing technology:

  • Theoretical questions of DSP and its applications.

  • Low bit rate speech coding (vocoders). Design and implementation of proprietary speech coding algorithms at bitrates: 1.2, 2.4, 4.6 kbps. Implementation standard speech compression algorithms (DSP software and hardware modules), single- and multi-channel operating modes, optimization to reduce DSP loading.

  • Adaptive filtering in the areas of speech enhancement and echo cancellation.

  • Low bit rate video coding. Video connection with 9.6 kbps bitrate.

  • Robust channel coding against bit errors in discrete channels.

  • HF modem algorithms with increased robustness, in-channel synchronization, and frequency deviation adaptation. Simulation of HF channels in real time.

  • Algorithms for telephony (DTMF detectors and PTSN control signals) using for computer and Voice over IP telephony.

  • Signal analysis and design of digital filters

  • Speech processing algorithms for digital hearing aids. Algorithm design and implementation on DSP (in cooperation with Scientific and Research Institute of Ear, Throat and Nose).

  • Nonlinear signal processing

  • High-quality DSP implementation of offered algorithms

All DSP algorithms are implemented on TI's DSPs, mostly TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C67xx families.

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