FD-3 version 1.00
Synthesis and Analysis of Digital Filters

Powerful multifunctional package for digital filter computation (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000).
Frequency response parameters input in table and graphic forms, transfer functions computation with different approachs usage, frequency and time response analysis and much more.
Optimal Chebyshev FIR-filters computation with arbitrary frequency response and linear phase response (up to 250 order).
IIR-filters computation with arbitrary frequency response by original technique.
Standard IIR-filters computation by bilinear Z-transform approach.
Frequency and time response analysis of calculated filters perform with filter coefficients prescribed length.
For all types IIR filters and filter sections the noise performances can be designed.
Filter implementation programs produce assembly language code on TMS and Motorola DSP for three types structure of filter section.
Description (in Russian)